Inclement, extreme weather can cause serious damages to your home and your roofing system in Greenville TX.

Apart from being an inconvenience, that damage can amount in very costly repairs and restoration, especially if it is not taken care of in time.

Storm damage can be the result of different kinds of harsh weather, such as a hurricane, hail, a tornado, or a big rainstorm. And similarly, they can affect your home in different ways, causing different types of damages.

To help you understand what they are, we have prepared an overview of some of the main types, so take a look and make sure to call your Greenville storm damage specialist if you experience any of them.

Hail Damage

Hail is most likely to hit you and cause damages to your roof and your siding. It is also one of the most difficult types of damages to detect.

Sometimes it can be as visible as big dents and cracks in your roof and siding, but other times, it can be much less or not at all visible, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Hail damages the surface granules on your shingles, knocks them off, and leaves your Greenville roof exposed and vulnerable to further damages and leaks.   

Some of the obvious consequences you may notice on your roof are dark spots and circles, darker than the rest of your roof, which will also feel soft and spongy to the touch. Chipped and cracked siding is another sign of hail damage and it can also lead to more serious structural issues.

The best thing to do is to call a storm damage repair contractor in Greenville TX after each hailstorm and have a professional inspection.

Water Damage

Water damage can have detrimental effects on your Greenville home, as well as on its residents.

This type of damage can be the result of flooding, as well as of any other storm that involves heavy rains.

It compromises the structural integrity of your home and roof in Greenville TX, it can lead to mold and mildew development, which are serious health hazards, as well as to rotting of your wooden structures, such as decking, siding, etc.

Water needs to be pumped out and the area completely dried out as soon as possible, so make sure to call your contractor in Greenville TX in time.

Wind Damage

Damages to your home caused by high winds can most often be very easily noticed.

Even though most shingles and other roofing types are now made to be more resistant to wind and other inclement weather occurrences, when the wind is extreme, there is usually little you can do.

No matter how strong and high-quality your roof is, sometimes it will inevitably get damaged. But quality, on the other hand, can help limit the damage to smaller parts of your roof.

Wind most often affects the edges of your roof, flipping over the shingles in these places, lifting them or creating creases and cracks.

Impact Damage

Impact damage will most likely be the result of a fallen tree. You will also very easily notice if a tree has fallen on your property, so make sure to call a proper expert in Greenville to deal with it.

They will first take care of the tree that has fallen and then asses the damage and move on to the needed repair and restoration work.


As you can see, there are many different types of extreme weather, as well as storm damage that can affect your home in Greenville TX, but it can all be dealt with if you call your contractor in time.

Dynamic Roofing is your most trusted and skilled storm repair contractors in Greenville TX so don’t hesitate to give us a call in case of any of the above-mentioned damages.

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