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Wind Damage Repair Services

Wind Damage On My Roof - Dynamic RoofingHigh winds can occur because of localized weather or during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other major storm events. Regardless of the origin, wind damage often causes problems that need immediate attention.

Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC is ready to help home and business owners who need wind damage repairs. Our quick-response teams have the tools and training to solve problems that occur because of wind damage.

How Does Wind Damage Roofing Materials?

High winds can cause a variety of problems for your roof. The wind can increase the pressure on the underside of shingles, making them curl and become brittle. Wind gusts can also loosen or break shingles. In addition, high winds can lift up the edges of shingles, causing water to leak into your home or business.

Wind damage can also affect the seals on flashing and roof vents, allowing water to enter your home or business. Finally, wind gusts can cause debris to impact your roofing materials, damaging them in the process.

These are the most common problems wind causes for roofing materials, which the following sections explain.

Roofing Problem #1 Caused by Wind Damage: Increased Pressure on Shingles’ Undersides

As wind gusts blow across the roof, the gales can increase the pressure on the underside of shingles. This increased pressure will cause them to curl and become brittle over time. As the shingles age, they may break off or even dislodge from your roof.

Roofing Problem #2 Caused by Wind Damage: Loosening or Breaking of Shingles

The pressure caused by high winds can cause shingles to loosen or break off entirely. This is especially true if the roof is in need of repair, maintenance, or replacement and cannot handle the additional stress.

Roofing Problem #3 Caused by Wind Damage: Edge-Lift

High winds can also lift the edges of shingles, allowing water to seep beneath them. This edge-lift occurs when wind gusts push up against the underside of the shingles, forcing them upward. If this happens, water will be able to penetrate your roof and enter your home or business.

Roofing Problem #4 Caused by Wind Damage: Damaged Flashing and Vents

The seals around flashing, skylights, and other roofing materials are designed to keep water out of your home or business. Unfortunately, high winds can cause these seals to fail. If the seal fails, water will be able to leak into your home or business. In addition, wind gusts can also cause damage to roof vents, allowing water and air to enter your home or business.

Roofing Problem #5 Caused by Wind Damage: Debris Impacts

High winds can carry debris such as branches and other objects which can impact your roofing materials. This impact can cause punctures in shingles, leading to water leaks and other problems.

Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC is ready to help you assess, repair, and replace any wind damage that has been done to your roof. Our experienced teams understand the types of problems that high winds can cause and have the tools to solve them quickly and effectively. Contact us today for a free roof inspection, which we can conduct quickly and efficiently to get you back on track.

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What About Leaks Due to Wind Damage?

Wind Damage on Roofs - Roof DamageLeaks in a roof never get better with time. In fact, they can become catastrophic almost immediately. Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC is here to help you find and repair any roof leaks caused by wind damage.

We can inspect the entire roof, identify problem areas, and repair them promptly.

When Leaks Get Too Far Out of Control

Even a seemingly small leak can cause big trouble for home- and business owners.

If you have a leak that has gotten too far out of control and requires a full roof replacement, we’re here to help.

Leaks can spring up nearly anywhere there’s a fault in roofing materials; for example, if a shingle gets blown off on a particularly windy day, there’s a point of failure on the roof that may let water get in.

The worst part, though, is that you may not notice a leak until it’s too late; sometimes the water confines itself to a small area, causing damage such as wood rot that you can’t see from outside – and then, during the next big rainstorm, catastrophe strikes.

Should You Have an Emergency Roof Inspection if You Suspect High Winds Have Damaged Your Roof?

Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC recommends that you have an emergency roof inspection as soon as possible if high winds are suspected of damaging your roof. We’ll be able to identify any trouble spots and repair them quickly before the damage can become worse. Don’t let a small problem become a big one – call us today.

Dynamic Roofing’s Emergency Wind Damage Repairs Can Keep Your Home Secure and Dry

Customers count on us for these emergency disaster repairs:

  • Replacing damaged and missing roof shingles. If high winds have torn loose roof shingles, we can patch in new shingles to restore the appearance and functionality of your roofing material. It’s advisable to keep extra roof shingles on hand in case such repair work is needed.
  • Tarp protection. With an ample supply of tarps, we are ready to cover a damaged roof with a “right-sized” tarp to provide temporary protection from the weather.
  • Board up repairs. Wind damage that has broken skylights and windows or broken through roofs or sidewalls often calls for board up repair work. We often combine board up repairs with temporary tarp protection.
  • Repairing home damage. Instead of calling in a different contractor to repair home damage, check with Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC first. Our technicians can make a wide range of home repairs quickly and affordably, from patching holes to replacing fences to installing new roof shingles.

Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC provides emergency storm damage repair and disaster restoration services in a hurry. Our fast response helps you to minimize damage. Call 1-(972)-645-6078 or contact us online to schedule an estimate for wind damage repair and hail damage repair in Plano, Garland, Richardson and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

Don’t Wait Until Damages Get Worse!

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