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Hail Damage Repair in Plano, TX


We offer fast responses to damage caused by hail & severe storms

Hail Damage - Free Roof InspectionsHere at Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC, we specialize in storm damage restoration services for Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex residents, which includes fast, effective repairs for hail damage.

Hail can do plenty of damage to a house. Hard impacts by these icy projectiles can pulverize roofing shingles, break skylight glass and dent aluminum gutters.

But the damage can easily exceed these impact effects, because hail is often accompanied by high winds and heavy rain. These additional examples of Mother Nature’s wrath can cause tree limbs to break loose and punch through a roof. Add heavy rain and suddenly you’ve got major moisture damage inside the house.

We specialize in a wide variety of disaster restoration services related to storm and hail damage. We will thoroughly inspect your entire roof and look for any signs of roof hail damage.

Our expert roofers have the experience to be able to suggest the appropriate roofing services, whether it’s roof repair or roofing replacement. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule a property evaluation for any of these services.

After a storm, we’re the experts to call!

Hail Damages Different Roofing Materials in Different Ways

Experience in roof inspections following hail storms has educated roofing contractors and insurance inspectors about how hail damage affects different roofing materials. Not surprisingly, hail damages different roofing materials in different ways.

Roof hail damage can also vary greatly from one part of a house roof to another. This variation is due primarily to the wind that drives the hail. A glancing blow will do less damage than hail that impacts the roof at close to 90 degrees.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles: Shingles can have broken or cracked tabs, but the most common hail damage takes the form of crushed or dented areas where granules are forced into the shingle mat material or displaced entirely. Since granules protect the shingle from UV degradation, hail dents can result in shortened shingle life. This damage usually qualifies the homeowner for an insurance claim.
  • Hail damage to wood shingles: Wood shingles can crack from hail impacts. Cracking will be along the grain and can cause parts of shingles to break loose.
  • Hail damage to slate roofs: Hail impact can crack slates, although cracks tend to be more random than with wood shingles. Some slates may break loose from their fasteners and slide off the roof.



Request A Free Inspection Today

Free property evaluations for fast storm recovery if your home has been damaged by hail or other storm-related problems. We’re the experts to call! Our free and thorough inspection of roof for storm damage and roof rail damage covers roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys. We provide storm damage recovery in Plano, Garland, Richardson and many areas throughout Texas. Contact us today for a free property evaluation for hail damage repair.

Make one call to handle all hail damage repairs

Whether hail damage is confined to roof shingles or significant enough to bring water into the house, there’s one contractor you can count on to respond quickly and repair completely. At Dynamic Roofing General Contractor LLC, our crews are trained and equipped to handle just about every type of natural disaster you can imagine.

What’s more, we know what it takes to expedite insurance claims so that you can confidently proceed with all necessary repair and storm recovery work. Let us help you get your house and your life back to normal when severe weather has damaged your property.

Call us at 1-(972)-645-6078 for long-lasting hail damage repair solutions that you can trust. We work throughout Texas, including Garland, Plano, Richardson, Mckinney, Dallas, Allen, Carrollton, Frisco, Mesquite, Irving and many nearby areas in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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