Once hail hits your area, there is not much you can do but wait for it to end so that you can inspect the damage it has done.

The extent of damage to your house and roof will depend on various factors, such as the size of hail pieces, the strength of the storm, as well as on the age and the material of your roofing system.

As expected, as the roof gets older, it will become more fragile and prone to damage. And when it comes to the roof material, there are more and less resistant ones.

As a prevention measure, you can always talk to your Greenville roofer about the best course of action when it comes to hail protection, as well as about the best materials for your roof if your area is prone to hailstorms.

But what can you do, or better yet, what should you do after a hailstorm? Here are some of our main dos and don’ts.


Always Make Sure It Is Safe to Go Outside

It is natural for you as a homeowner to get worried about your roof and your home in general once the hailstorm hits your area. And while hail can be detrimental to your roof, it can also be dangerous for you to step outside while the storm is still underway.

That is why the biggest “do” of a hail damage roof inspection is to always make sure that the storm has completely died down and not rush outside before. You need to prioritize in these cases and the first priority is your own safety.

The best way to keep track of the hailstorm in Greenville TX is to listen to the news and the weather forecast and stay informed. Of course, you can see through your window if the hail is still falling, but the forecast can inform you on whether it will come back any time soon.

Once it is confirmed that hail has completely passed, you can go outside and start inspecting the damages. But you should still be careful, as the ground will probably still be slippery and wet.

Document All the Damages

Documenting all the damages and the state of your roof after the hail is important for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it will be easier to explain the aftermath of the storm to your roofing contractor in Greenville, TX, so they will know what to expect and how to proceed.

The second and more important reason is your insurance claim. If your insurance covers hail damage to your roof, and most of them do, then you should start the process as soon as possible.

Providing photos, videos, and descriptions of the damage to your insurance provider in Greenville TX will help the process move forward and make it easier for you to get full coverage for the damage.

Ask for Professional Help

It is always best to repair any damages that resulted from hail as soon as possible. The more you prolong calling a roofer in Greenville TX, the worse the damages can get.

A small dent and a small leak are much easier and less costly to repair, so you will save yourself a lot of money and problems if you deal with them on time.

Apart from that, there are great professional roofers in Greenville who are experienced in dealing with insurance claims, so they can help you start the process and expertly guide you through it.


When it comes to the “don’ts” of roof inspections after hail damage, the biggest and most important one of them all is – don’t climb up your roof.

You can and should conduct a visual inspection of your roof in Greenville TX only from the ground. It is up to the experienced professionals to go up to the roof and inspect it through proper safety measures.

Your roof can be slippery and wet and it is generally not a safe place for you to climb even when it’s not wet. Always leave this part of your home to trained professionals.


Roof inspection after hail damage is a very important task that should not be delayed.

However, it is also a task that should be done by hail storm damage contractors in Greenville TX, so when it comes to the best thing you could do for your roof, it is to call them as soon as possible.

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