While getting a new roof is undoubtedly an exciting experience for all the residents, it is also a big project that involves a lot of work, noise, safety precautions, and a multi-person crew.

This means that your home is going to become a work site. There will be a lot of noisy footsteps and hammering around your home, different people coming in and out your house, materials being torn off of your roof, and generally a lot of mess in and outside the house.

In order to maintain some sort of order, keep everything under control, and help the entire process go more smoothly, there are a few things you could do to prepare for your roof replacement in Plano, TX

Think About Your Kids and Pets

The first thing you should do is think about whether you need to make other living arrangements for your kids and pets while the roof replacement in Plano is underway.  

Remember that this will be a noisy process that involves different safety hazards, so for their own safety, kids and pets should not be running around the work site.

You can think about going to a friend’s or relative’s house for the duration of your roof replacement or you can simply talk to your kids and restrict access to certain areas of your home and yard.

Prepare and Protect the Attic

Your belongings in the attic are the first ones at risk of getting dirty or even damaged as your Plano roofing contractors will be walking on the roof a lot and working just over your attic.

Much of the debris from the tear-off process or from hammering the new shingles in place could fall right into the attic and on top of your belongings.

Therefore, Plano roofing companies always advise removing all of the items from the attic if they are fragile or at least covering them up with some cloths or sheets.

Remove Wall Decorations

We also advise to properly secure all the decorations that you have hanging on your walls. The vibrations from the drilling or hammering on your roof, especially if there is work being done on the decking, can cause those to fall and break.

Therefore, consider taking off all the pictures and other decorations that are hanging on the wall, as well as everything that is not permanently secured to the wall with screws.

This should primarily be done on the level just below your roof, but you may consider taking these precautions throughout your home.  

Mirrors, chandeliers, and other similar decorative light fixtures are also at risk of falling and breaking, so we advise to take down whatever you can.

Clear Your Driveway and Home Surroundings

When your Plano roofing contractors arrive, they should have clear and unobstructed access to your home and roof and somewhere to park their vehicles and equipment.

Apart from that, another reason to clear the driveway and the area around your house is to prevent damages. You don’t want large pieces of debris or old roof shingles falling on top of your car, for example, and damaging it.

Therefore, your roofers in Plano always advise keeping your vehicles at a safe distance from the work site, as well as removing any other valuable objects and outdoor furniture and storing them somewhere safe, such as a garage.

Final Thoughts

Implementing these safety and preparation tips before your Plano roofing contractors arrive and start the roof replacement process will significantly help the project go as smoothly as possible.

Your family and belongings will be safe and protected and your Plano roofers will thank you.

For all your doubts and questions, as well as efficient roofing projects, your best roof replacement contractor in Plano TX is at your disposal.

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