It’s time for you to put a new roof on your place. The old one has been there so long that you’re seeing shingles on the grass. You’re not quite sure what material you’re going with this time though.

If you’re having a hard time making a decision why not go with clay roofing tiles? They’re expensive because of how heavy they are and how hard it is to install them but they’re also durable and will give you a major boost of curb appeal.

Still not sure if clay is right for you? We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons. Keep reading to see all the advantages and disadvantages of going with clay.

1. Pros of Clay

We’re going to give you the good news before we deliver the bad. There are tons of advantages you’ll get out of clay roofing tiles. They’re durable, eco-friendly, gorgeous enough to boost your curb appeal, you won’t have to do much work to them once they’re installed, and they’ll give your home a high resell value.


If clay tiles are well taken care of they will last up to a hundred years or more without any incident. This means that once you have them installed you’ll most likely never have to dish out more money on repairs.

They can stand up to winds that are as high as 150 MPH and laugh in the face of hailstones.

Environmentally Friendly 

If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, replacing your current roof material with clay tiles is a great way to do it. They’re made from natural materials so you can recycle them on down the line if you choose to.

Clay tiles are curved so it moves hot air away from your home during the summer. The weight of the tiles makes for great insulation and keeps your home warm during the winter.

This being said, your AC will be able to take a break which will have you and the environment dancing for joy when the power bill comes in.

Boost to Curb Appeal 

There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from when it comes to clay tiles. It won’t be hard for you to customize your roof to look the way you want it to.

Clay tiles are notorious for being gorgeous. So, rest assured whatever style and color you go with, your house will be the talk of your entire block.

Low Maintenance 

Once your clay tile roof is installed you won’t have to do much as far as upkeep at all. There is a small chance that one of the tiles could break.

Since all of the tiles are installed individually, it will be easy for a contractor to fix the specific tile that was broken and be on their way.

High Resell Value 

Even if you love your home there could be some reason why you have to move. Maybe you got a new job or want to move closer to a parent. Whatever reason it is, you’ll find clay tiles will help you sell your house faster and for more money.

Again, once the tiles are installed on the roof, they won’t need repairs for a while and they practically last a lifetime. You can bet that a buyer would be willing to pay a little extra for that.

2. Cons of Clay 

Nothing in this life is perfect. Like most things, clay roofing tiles do have a few cons. They’re expensive, super heavy, they aren’t easy to install by any means, and they can be as brittle as they are durable.

The Cost 

All things that are high quality are going to cost you a pretty penny. Clay tiles are no exception to this.  To put this in perspective, they cost about three times as much as normal roofing shingles.

The main reason they’re so much money is that they are heavy and they aren’t easy to install at all.


Clay roofing tiles aren’t light. Before you can have them installed you have to be sure that your roof can withstand the weight.

If it can’t then you’ll have to pay out a little extra money to have your roof reinforced before you can begin the installation.

They Aren’t Easy to Install

First of all, you will have to hire a professional contractor to lay down clay tiles. It’s a delicate process that’s easy to mess up.

They have to measure out the tiles, lay them down in a certain pattern, and make sure that no moisture can get in. It’s not easy so you will end up paying extra for labor.

They Can be Brittle 

Clay roofing tiles can withstand most weather conditions this is true but they can be as brittle as they are durable. If the weather gets too bad and a tree limb falls on the roof, you can bet at least a few of the tiles will break.

They can also crack under the pressure of being walked on. You can say the same thing for a lot of roofing materials though and again, replacing a few broken tiles isn’t hard.

Juggling the Advantages and Disadvantages of Clay Roofing Tiles 

Are you thinking about replacing your old roof with clay roofing tiles? There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of going this route.

We hope that reading this article has helped you figure out if the pros outweigh the cons so you can make your final decision.

Are you ready to call a contractor out to install your clay roofing tiles? Contact us to make an appointment.