About Greenville, TX

About Greenville, TX

About 50 miles from Dallas, Texas, you will come across a large city named Greenville, which is the county seat of Hunt County. The estimated population of Greenville, TX is over 27 443 and it is a city with a mild subtropical climate together with a lot of humidity and some mild precipitation.

The total area of Greenville is 33.4 square miles of which a considerable percentage is land and a small portion consists of water. The small portion, or more precisely 2.46% of the Greenville area that consist of water, is the Cowleech Fork, which is one of the three main branches of the Sabine River.

Development of the City

Thomas J. Green played a significant role and contributed towards the founding of this settlement, which is why this area was named Greenville.

The city of Greenville was founded in 1846 and got divided over the issues of secession during the Civil War. Many of the residents in Greenville fought for the Confederacy at the time, but the Greenville attorney and State Senator stood behind the Union.

The division of Greenville and Hunt County is noted today by a historical marker “The Spot,” which can be seen at a small corner park in downtown Greenville.

The local economy of Greenville entered a period of transition during the era of post-Civil war, which made them partly dependant on cotton.

During those early years, Hunt County was the cotton capital of the world with the largest cotton compress situated in Greenville. However, when a fire broke out in the mid-1900s the compress was destroyed.

A small town called Peniel, which was founded in 1899, was annexed to Greenville in 1957. The annexation was approved by the citizens of Peniel, which had a population of only 157 during that time.

Greenville had a station for the Mexican Escuadrón 201 during World War II, while the training took place at Majors Field nearby. The Majors Airport, which was established in 1942, has been serving as a focal point for the economic growth of the city of Greenville ever since.

The largest industry in the city today is the L3 Mission Integration Division, which is one of the largest U.S. Defense contractors, also located at Majors Airport.

Media and Education

The Dallas Fort Worth television stations serve this city with local cable and regular programming while the Herald-Banner, along with The Dallas Morning News, is the daily newspaper of Greenville.

The Greenville ISD provides primary and secondary education for the younger residents of the town, while the Paris Junior College Greenville Center provides Postsecondary education. There is also a major university that has over 12 000 students in Greenville and it is called Texas A&M University-Commerce.

History and Culture

The history of the city can be seen on display at the Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum. The museum also holds the original sign that was installed in the main street in the downtown district during the 1920s and 1960s that sparked some controversy at the time.

The sign read “Welcome to Greenville, The Blackest Land, The Whitest People.” The words “The Whitest People” referred to the friendly, trustworthy, and helpful citizen which included all citizens regardless of race. However, these words were seen as racist and the sign was, therefore, taken down. A new sign was reinstalled in 1986 with the wording “The Greatest People” instead of “Whitest.”

The local culture of the town can also be experienced in the historic downtown area. One will also find plenty of shopping areas, public gardens and a variety of dining options in Greenville.

Many tourists flock to Greenville because of the attractions such as the Collin Street bakery and Splash Kingdom Water Park. The local economy is also very dependent on these tourist attractions.

In Greenville, there is also a redeveloped historic downtown which features London Winery and the restored vintage Texan Theater.

If you are looking for entertainment and attractions in Greenville, TX you will be able to find plenty of local clubs with musical entertainment, theater, art shows, bowling, etc. The Municipal Auditorium stages hold various of concert series each year, including a children’s concert and the Greenville Follies which showcases the local talent.

The community of Greenville ensures that the town stays active through some festivals and events held in town each year. The Rally Round Greenville festival is held each September where one can take part in the Cotton Patch Challenge Bicycle Ride, an Art Show, a Cook-off and much more.

Final Thought

Greenville is a charming and lively town in the State of Texas, equally attractive to the tourists and to those who want to start a family and a life in these parts of the country.

It is a beautiful city where there is always plenty to do and see, a city with a developing economy, good educational opportunities, and a lot of nice places to have a meal and relax.

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